A good education is the best asset that parents can pass to their children.
It lasts a lifetime and cannot be taken away.


k2An English education will nurture the special talents of your child.

k2An English education provides the language and moral foundation
for success and personal fulfilment.

An English education will open doors for your child.


Education consulting company Camelot Studies

What do we do?
We are an education consulting company which places children in English schools.
Our services
We also organise tutoring, guardianship and visa services.
If you are planning a more substantial presence in the UK, we can advise on real estate and options for living here.

Why study in England?

There is a vast range of independent schools catering for every ability and talent. Their approach to education has developed and matured over centuries with a view to developing multi-faceted individuals. Their philosophy is to stretch their students in every way: certainly, to obtain the best qualifications and see them on to the best universities (in England or overseas), but also to develop their sporting and cultural interests - to develop interesting personalities who will go on to lead rewarding lives.


  • To get to boarding school, your child must speak English. To improve your child’s English - see here.
  • The English education system is very complex, with a huge choice of schools. Expert advice is needed to ensure your child gets to the right school, with no mistakes. The steps to achieve this are explained here.
  • We will give you a choice of schools, but strongly recommend visiting them yourself before making a final decision. For the criteria you should consider, read here.
  • A child must have a guardian – see here
  • Some parents come to live here with their child under 12, and in this situation the child can go to day school – see visa type here
  • A deposit of GBP 2 million can secure a UK passport - see here.
  • To live in the UK, you need to buy or rent property – see here.

Why Camelot Studies?

Of course, you can send your child to boarding school in the UK through a Russia based agency, but remember they are mediators who work with specific schools – not necessarily the school which is optimal for your child.

There are also large English agencies, some even have Russian speaking staff; but the bigger the company, the less flexible it is and the greater the chances of miscommunication and slow reaction to a problem.

We are based near London – on the spot, reacting quickly and flexibly. Combining Russian and English mentalities, we understand the needs of our clients and know the mentality (and language) of schools in the UK.

We work with all schools, and we know the English education system in practice, not theory.

We regularly work with elite schools such as Eton, Harrow, Wellington and Wycombe Abbey; entry into such schools requires considerable planning and we can be working with families over several years to achieve this result.

And when your child starts school, we will be there as formal guardians (a school requirement), applying the same level of care and attention to your child, whether it is finding a good dentist, a tutor for the holidays, or a weekend in our home for comfort and moral support. We understand the problems of Russian children and can take their side when arguing a case with the school - most English guardians will automatically take the school’s side.

If you would like to talk to us about educating your child in the UK, get in touch with us by telephone or Skype, you can write us an email at info.camelotstudies.ru or complete the form.

Steps for entering an English school

  1. Deciding on the type of school, location and study program.
  2. Selection of several schools.
  3. Gathering the necessary documents.  See here for list of documents required for admission to schools.
  4. Trip to the UK to visit schools.
  5. Language and academic testing, including tests specific to schools.
  6. Registration with schools (completing forms, paying fee).
  7. When a school offers a place, signing a contract and paying school fees and deposit.
  8. Obtain a formal visa invitation from the school.
  9. Obtain a UK entry visa.
  10. Purchase items needed per school list.
  11. Sign a contract with a guardianship company.
  12. Settle the child into school (buy school uniform, sports kit, SIM card etc).
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