All boarding schools in England require foreign students to have a guardian who is fully responsible for performing parental functions while the child is in England.  It is the guardian who the school contacts in cases of emergency.

A UK resident individual, or a company which provides guardianship services, can become your child’s guardian.  Neither the school nor a member of its staff will be accepted as guardian.

Boarding schools also generally require students to leave the school for one weekend each half term – known as an “exeat”, for which accommodation outside the school must be arranged.

Camelot Studies provides a standard level of Guardianship which, based on our experience, gives the child, parents and school all the support which is necessary for a successful school year in England in the vast majority of cases.

Our service provides the following support:

  • helping to settle the child into school at the beginning of the academic year (including buying uniform, organising SIM card etc.)
  • attending one or two meetings each year with teachers and providing corresponding detailed feedback to parents
  • organising and checking host families for exeats and half-terms
  • organising airport and host family transfers
  • regular contact with parents and child throughout the year
  • liaison with the school, e.g. child’s health, exeats, school trips etc.
  • dealing with emergencies

The fee for this service is £1,100-1,400 per term, plus disbursements.  

To cover all potential disbursements, a deposit of £1,000 is required at the beginning of the year. The deposit is retained in a client account and is withdrawn for e.g. host family stays, transfers, doctor's appointments, extra tuition, uniform and unforeseen expenses.  

An account for these will be provided at the end of each term, and a top-up to £1,000 is required prior to the start of the next term.  Any unused deposit will be returned at the end of the guardianship contract.

We are also able to provide services in addition to those described above, such as:

  • attendance at additional school events
  • organising additional tuition
  • consulting on GCSE or A-level options
  • organising parental visits

These are charged on the basis of time incurred plus disbursements.

Host Family, per night £80
Transfers 50 pence per mile (Guardian or Host Family vehicle), or taxi fare (as appropriate)
Consulting / attendance / travel time £75 per hour, £400 per day (7 hours)

Emergency level:

Some older children who have studied in the UK for a few years and have become independent (self-sufficient), do not need constant supervision.  However, they may sometimes need urgent assistance in emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.  Any disbursements are extra.


Our fee for this service is £800 per term.  A deposit for disbursements of £500 is required.


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