We stand out for our individual approach to every child and every family.  With our team, you will never feel like you are on a conveyor belt.

We are well located – close to London, within half an hour drive from Heathrow Airport, on the way to Oxford.  Many excellent schools are located in this part of England – around London and Oxford – and most of our clients’ children study at these schools.

We are in no way tied to specific schools - we work with all schools.  This ensures our impartiality.

Our proximity to schools, personal acquaintance with school management and the combination of Russian and English mentalities in our leadership enables us to respond quickly to the needs of the children we look after, and to their parents’ requests.

We know the English educational system from the inside: some of us grew up in it, and our children are being educated within it.  As parents, we understand the worries and needs associated with a child’s upbringing and education.

You may like to know something about our personal backgrounds. Mark Norris spent more than 30 years with top international consulting firms, including 10 years in Moscow. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. Members of his family have been attending top UK boarding schools for generations. His wife and co-founder, Anastasia Norris, is a Muscovite. She is a graduate of Moscow State University in the Japanese language and is also qualified as a teacher of both Russian and English as a foreign language. She is frequently visiting Russia.

Our clients prefer us to Russian agents because we are located in the same country where their children study.  Parents therefore know that we are on hand to solve both large and small problems efficiently.

You will have our 100% attention for any services you ask us to provide.


Mark Norris
Anastasia Norris
Nina Rubasheva
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