Independent schools' choice

There is a vast range of independent schools in England, each with its own special characteristics.  The need to find the right school for your child cannot be under-estimated. 

Some of the factors you will want to bear in mind when choosing a school (apart from price) are:

  • The school’s academic rating and record of sending students to top universities.
  • Whether the school is single-sex or co-educational.  Some operate the so-called “Diamond Model”, which separate boys and girls between the ages of 11 to 16, but are otherwise co-educational.
  • Academic and English language entrance requirements.
  • The culture of the school: the culture and atmosphere of a school can be, for example very traditional, sporting, religious, friendly – and not so friendly.  Only a visit to the school will let you get the “feel” for it, and whether your child is likely to be happy there.  
  • Proportion of boarding students returning home at weekends.  If this is high, weekends can be lonely and devoid of activities for the few remaining students.
  • Proximity to London.
  • Extra-curricular activities or resources of particular interest, e.g. swimming pool or riding stables.



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