Emigrating to the UK

When parents decide to educate their children abroad, many start thinking about emigration. It is not rare for mothers and children to settle in the UK while the fathers live in both countries.

Under the “Investor” visa category, £2 million placed with a regulated financial institution will qualify the applicant, spouse and children under 18 for a 3 year visa. There is no English language requirement at this stage. The £2 million of funds must be put into approved investments within the first 3 months. Work within the UK is permitted, as is absence from the UK for up to 180 days each year.

The visa can be extended for 2 years, and after five years the applicant can apply for “Settlement” – i.e. all restrictions are lifted, provided the applicant passes an English language test about life in the UK. (Note, if the investment has been £5 million, the period is reduced to 3 years and if £10 million, to 2 years). British citizenship may follow within six (or five) years of obtaining the “Investor” visa.

Other ways of emigrating are as an “Entrepreneur” or “Sole Representative of an Overseas Company”.

If you are interested in emigration to the UK, Camelot Studies can recommend both Russian and UK legal specialists in this field.

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